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3G Network Shutdown in Australia – What it Means for You

It’s truly the end of an era — after providing coverage for decades, Australia’s 3G networks are shutting down....
Netstar EWD Solution

Netstar – Empowering truck driver safety

Truck driver safety is our number one priority.  It’s the reason we develop the technology – for driver safety and...
What is geofencing

What is Geofencing – Unlocking seamless connectivity for your businesses

In the world of Telematics, geofencing is a powerful tool that can be used to monitor the movement of...
Telematics device

How Telematics Devices Can Help Improve Driver Behaviour and Performance

Discover the benefits of telematics devices in improving driver behaviour and performance.
Trailer Tracking

Truck Trailer Tracking Technology: Discover how it will help you improve your fleet management, increase efficiency, and enhance security

One of the most significant challenges that you may face is tracking your truck trailers' location. Fortunately, truck trailer...
Lone worker safety

Netstar Remote and Lone Worker Solutions: Safety Solutions for Your Business

Businesses battling the dynamic challenges of lone and remote working can find much-needed respite in Netstar's Lone and Remote...
Fleet Management Software

A Look into the Future of Fleet Management

As the world continues to ride the wave of the digital age, it’s no surprise that fleet management is...
GPS Tracking

How Netstar Australia’s GPS Tracking Tool Helps Fleet Managers Reduce Fuel Costs

Netstar Australia was featured in the AUSTRALASIAN TRANSPORT NEWS (ATN) for our GPS tracking tool that plays a vital...