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Netstar Fleet AI

Introducing the new FleetAI Software Solution

  • Total fleet visibility at your fingertips
  • See more & drive fleet efficiency
  • Integrated app to track your fleet on the go

Introducing a new innovative fleet managment system. Netstar FleetAI

FleetAI Fleet Management Software

Benefits of the new Netstar FleetAI Software

When it comes to managing your fleet, we’re here to eliminate the guess work. With Netstar Fleet AI you can track your assets with laser precision tracking.



Real time GPS Tracking
Smart Geofence Management Technology
Small and large fleets icon
Asset Tracking Solutions
Driver Behaviour Monitoring
Real-time Impact, Rollover & Crash Detection
Advanced Compliance Management Solutions
Improved Cost Projection Accuracy thanks to Maintenance & Fuel Cost Assessments
Integrated App. View your fleet on the go from your mobile device.

Get to know Netstar FleetAI


Revolutionising Fleet Management

Experience the ease of managing your fleet like never before. Netstar FleetAI includes real-time vehicle and asset tracking, AI dash cam integrations, driver behavior intelligence and route optimisation. FleetAI’s customisable interface ensures that you have access to your fleet at your fingertips, enabling you to optimise operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.


Driver Safety

Enhance driver performance with FleetAI’s alert tools, designed to monitor and improve driver behaviour. Netstar FleetAI provides instant alerts via email, SMS or in-app notifications for speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering, acceleration, idling and many more. You can also access a historical log of significant events impacting safety through detailed reports,  enabling you to make data-driven decisions that enhance safety, reduce costs and increase productivity.


Operational Efficiency

Netstar FleetAI offers geofencing capabilities to enhance security, efficiency, and compliance in your operations. By creating virtual boundaries, you can monitor movements and receive alerts when your vehicles enter or exit specific areas. All geofence related activity is logged in various reports allowing you to analyse events and improve fleet management.


Manage your fleet on the go from your mobile

All you need is your phone! Install the Netstar FleetAI app for iOS or Andriod and manage your fleet on the go.

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