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Netstar is your trusted provider of Telematics solutions for a wide range of industries, with over 20 years of experience meeting the needs of businesses across Australia and the world.


Fleet Software Solutions Tailored to Your Industry


Solutions designed for government fleets that improve efficiency, safety, and adhere to strict regulatory guidelines.

Emergency Services

Optimise emergency response with superior fleet management and visibility tech to ensure safety and efficiency.


Improved service delivery and job time response with Netstar’s robust and adaptable fleet management solutions for utility providers.

Transport & Logistics

Supercharge your transport and logistics company with live tracking and essential data insights to improve safety, and service reliability and compliance.

Civil & Construction

Safeguarding your fleet and increasing efficiency has never been this easy thanks to Netstar’s tailored solutions for civil and construction companies.

Equipment Hire

Track, monitor, and manage with new levels of precision. Take the guest work out of maintaining and managing your equipment hire fleet.

Car Hire Industry

Fleet management technology that allows car hire businesses to schedule maintenance recover vehicles.

Trades & Services

The ultimate asset tracking and management solution for TRADES & SERVICES, increase productivity, protect against theft and reduce cost.


A demanding outfield requires a reliable software solution. Enjoy accurate tracking and management in the most demanding environments.

Solutions for Various Operations

We offer Telematics solutions that can be tailored to the needs of any business — no matter what industry. From government organisations and emergency services to mining, utilities, transport, and hire industries, our solutions are designed not just to improve your business operations but also to enhance worker compliance and safety.

How Netstar’s Industry-Leading Solutions Work

Netstar offers diverse off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions that can be tailored to your requirements. Our technological innovations are designed to provide you with valuable data to improve your business’s efficiency and the safety of your employees.

Hardware: Netstar provides reliable hardware solutions that are crafted with compatibility, ease of operation, durability, and longevity in mind.

Software: Netstar takes pride in providing easy-to-use technological solutions for the modern age. Our range of software solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your business and employees.

Whether you’re looking to monitor the performance of your drivers, track your vehicles, or enhance the workflow by converting logs and documents to electronic formats, Netstar is here to help with a customised package of hardware and software — all backed by industry-leading guidance and customer support.

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At Netstar Australia, we offer our services to businesses in an extensive range of industries. Some of the industries we specialise in providing solutions for include the following: • Transport and logistics • Civil and Construction • Hire industry and yellow plant • Trades and services • Government • Mining • Utilities • Emergency services
Netstar’s solutions offer real-time insights that can lead to improved operational efficiency. Some of the main benefits of consulting with our industry experts are: • Improved resource utilisation • Unexpected or hidden insights • Enhanced safety and compliance protocols • Data-driven decision making • Reduced costs and waste of time, money, and resources • Increased worker productivity Once your custom Netstar industry solution has been implemented, these benefits will deliver you a competitive edge in your industry.
Absolutely. Netstar’s expert technicians are available to install your hardware with minimal disruptions to your business and maximum helpfulness and guidance through operating our products.
Netstar is committed to providing comprehensive post-implantation support — as well as assistance in choosing and installing your hardware or software. Our team of expert technicians and Australian based customer support team are available to guide you through any issues and help you optimise your workflow and obtain the maximum value from our products and solutions.