Can I see where my vehicle has been 3 months ago?

Through the Netstar Dashboard, customers can retrieve historical data on a tracker for up to one year on most reports. Beyond this, data is archived, however our support team can retrieve this if required.

Do you offer tracking for unpowered stationary devices like containers or trailers?

Yes. Netstar has a range of devices suitable for tracking unpowered assets.

Are my vehicles tracked in real time?

Yes, though in near real time, the in vehicle unit tracks based on events and sends its stored data typically every 1-5 minutes depending on configuration or the customers requirement. Ignition on and off, duress, crash and rollover is sent in real time.

Why Netstar?

Australian Made, Globally Owned, Australian designed and ongoing local support Australia wide.

What is the accuracy of a Netstar GPS Tracker?

Within 5 meters when the tracker has a GPS lock.

What happens if my vehicle or asset is stolen?

Inevitably, if thieves want your vehicle or asset, they will get it. However, using your Netstar Dashboard you can significantly increase the chances of recovery by creating and setting operating hours, geo fences with SMS and E-mail alerts.

Can I use Netstar's device for navigation?

Yes, paired with a compatible Garmin device or our range of in vehicle Mobile Data Terminals.

What is a Tracker or AVM ID?

Each Netstar tracker has its own unique individual number referred to as its Tracker or AVM ID.

Can I send jobs and receive job data to my vehicles?

Yes. Paired with compatible Garmin device or our range of in-vehicle Microsoft Windows Mobile Data Terminals, you can send a job and message to the in- vehicle display and receive near real time responses on the touch screen.

How long does it take for my vehicle/asset to be fitted?

A basic track and trace application takes no longer than 90 minutes. If there is additional monitoring required or accessories (PTO, Driver ID or Duress) we will confirm with you prior to install. Please let us know as much detail as possible prior to installation i.e. battery Isolation, connection to PTO, Lift Arm, brushes, vacuum, warning lights etc.

How can I get more information?

We are always happy to help in anyway, please contact us on 1300 728 882

What is the Netstar Customer Center?

The Netstar Customer Center is an online database that has been set up for customers to view their account details, update account specific information, view statements, transaction, view service history and make a payment. It also allows Netstar customers to communicate directly with the Netstar Customer Service Team.

Is there a service/coverage range for tracking?

Yes. Currently, the Netstar GPS devices are supplied to operate on any Australian mobile network using 4G technology. If you are concerned about the reliability of mobile data networks in rural or remote areas, ask us about satellite iridium tracking.

Can I monitor my vehicles and assets using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. The Netstar Ezy2C Dashboard is optimised for smartphones & tablets. Our Netstar team has developed and launched Mobile AVM for a variety of Android smartphone and IOS tablet devices.

I have sold my vehicle/asset, can I keep my tracker and install it into my new vehicle/asset?

Of course. This is what we refer to as a de-installation/reinstallation and is the most common type of Field Service Netstar does.

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