10 Business Benefits of Telematics


Cost savings & ROI

It’s common knowledge that fuel is the costliest part of managing a fleet, but it can be managed with telematics. There’s nothing you can do to change a commodity’s cost, but you can change how much you need and how you use what you have.  What gains could you make by reducing drivers’ fuel consumption?

Increased Productivity

You might have the most loyal and hardworking team, but do you know how productive they are? Do you know if there’s room for improvement? Telematics means data, and data equals reports. Analysis of these reports gives you insights you would never have had without telematics. Understanding the long and short-term trends leads to better processes across your organisation.

Improve customer safety

Offering a superior service to your competitor is one of the most critical parts of business practice. The ability to engage with your consumers with open communication leads to greater customer satisfaction.  Our technology gives you more answers allowing you to share those answers with your customer, providing the most efficient service and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Decreased telephone charges

Telematics means you don’t have to spend hours on the phone chasing up where your team are. Our telematics solutions mean you can see exactly where your entire fleet is and send messages directly to their vehicle.

Decreased admin overhead

A fleet management system like ours takes the paperwork of everyday business practices. Creating connected workflows increases efficiency and productivity across the board.  GPS tracking isn’t just about tracking anymore; our fleet management system does everything from routing, driver communications and job allocation.

Increased driver safety

One benefit of telematics is access even in the most remote locations of Australia. Accidents happen. There is no point denying that. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t ensure the safety of your team from anywhere, from duress signals and rollover notifications.  Quick responses save lives, and reconstruction gives you an exact picture of what happened.

Decreased insurance premiums

Managing a fleet of vehicles is no small task and can be costly. Most insurance providers now offer discounts to businesses using GPS fleet tracking systems. Avoiding high insurance rates means you can do what you do best.

Vehicle lifecycle management

Fleet Operation Optimisation can help you avoid unexpected maintenance costs down the line. By identifying which repairs need to be made and calculating the costs associated, you’re prepared for the future.

Decrease carbon footprint

Positive environmental impacts have become the most crucial topic of conversation in recent years; having an action plan and making your mark in protecting the future of our planet goes a long way in winning over customers. Netstar’s Fleet Management Solutions help you to plan.

Stay in control

A telematics solution is an enhanced management tool to help you run your business better. With vehicle tracking, you can take complete control of every aspect of your business.

Netstar Australia prides itself on being a reliable telematics provider with over 20 years of experience offering solutions for consumers and industries Australia-wide. With two established products, our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they are getting accurate and reliable telematics data, helping to manage fleets and assets efficiently.

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