Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Drive business with Netstar’s fleet management software


Fleet Management Software You Can Build A Business On

Looking for an easy and affordable way to track your fleet of vehicles? Look no further than Netstar fleet management software.

Our plug and play tracker can be installed in any vehicle and provides full tracking capabilities, including speed and location. It also alerts you to harsh braking or acceleration.

Whether you’re managing a fleet of vehicles or trying to improve driver safety, Netstar fleet management software has you covered.

Knowing your assets are being optimally used to make your businesses more profitable and your people safer…

it’s a great feeling!

Our fleet management software solutions include:

  • Driver Compliance Management
  • Service Scheduling and Management
  • Maintenance and Fuel Cost Management
  • Smart Geo-fence Management
  • Alarm and Alert Management
  • Extensive Automated Reports
  • Compliance Reports
  • Violation Reports
  • Online Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Detailed Suite of Reports
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

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Netstar Fleet Manager Solution

Netstar’s fleet management software is the perfect solution for Australian businesses that need to register their vehicles and report on tax obligations.

With our Netstar Fleet Manager Solution Dashboard, you can view a complete report of your entire fleet or individual vehicles in just minutes.

Our easy-to-use interface means that even drivers with little experience can make informed decisions about their fleet for maximum productivity.

  • Timesheet verification
  • Proof of delivery
  • Routes travelled
  • Client visits
  • Driver behaviour reports
  • Speed reports
  • Daily trip reports
  • Idling reports
  • Service and registration logs
  • Vehicle use outside hours of operation
  • Geofence alerts and alarms
  • Vehicle work summary
  • Stopped report
  • Location report
  • FBT report
  • Optimised routes
  • Theft alerts
  • Battery disconnect alerts
  • Ignition curfew alerts
  • Unauthorised use of alerts
  • Driver ID
  • SOS Dash Mount Button
  • Monitor Vehicle Inputs (PTO)
  • Camera Solutions
  • Asset Tracking Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Fuel Tax Credit Reporting

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Netstar Fleet Pro Solution

With our Netstar Pro Solution Dashboard, see more of your fleet and get in-depth insight on your business.

With Netstar, you’ll get more out of your critical assets. Our leading fleet management software solutions will help you run an efficient and highly productive workforce.

Backed by a team of local experts, Netstar is your partner in success. Contact us today.

  • Real-time location of your fleet and assets
  • Fuel tax credit reporting
  • Increased productivity
  • Savings on overtime expenses, with more efficient use of vehicle and ability to verify timesheets
  • Customer dispute resolution
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Improved training
  • Cost savings with a reduction in fuel and maintenance costs by managing speed and unauthorised use of vehicles
  • Reducing insurance costs
  • Real-time alerts of driver behaviour, operating speed, and driving hours
  • Compliance with meeting statutory requirements of driving hours, vehicle safety and ATO FBT reporting
  • Reduced paperwork with electronic prestart checks, job dispatch details and site risk forms
  • Occupational Health and Safety reports
  • Driver ID
  • SOS Dash Mount Button
  • Monitor Vehicle Inputs (PTO)
  • Camera Solutions
  • Asset Tracking Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Fuel Tax Credit Reporting

Built for Australian Conditions

Netstar’s fleet management tools are comprehensive, robust and proven, whether monitoring the performance of your fleet or addressing compliance and keeping your people safe.

Our hardware and software support thousands of businesses, with tens of thousands of vehicles, across Australia. Easy to use, hosted in the cloud, and backed by a dedicated support team, you can monitor your fleet anywhere.

Our fleet management software is a one-stop solution to all your tracking needs. Whether you are in the field of taxis, trades or logistics, we have you covered.

You need a company that you can rely on for your fleet management, no matter your needs. That’s why Netstar offers efficiency in every aspect of running your fleet. From tracking driver activity to notifications when something changes or falls below standards. We’ve got everything covered.

Netstar has been providing fleet management for over 20 years. Keeping your drivers and vehicles safe is your top priority, so we offer a range of features to help you do just that.

Our fleet management software helps you keep track of your drivers and vehicles and offers real-time updates on their location to ensure they’re always safe. You can also see how fast they’re driving, where they are stopped, and more. Keep your business running smoothly with our reliable fleet tracking solution.

Hosted entirely in the cloud, you can check into your fleet management software anywhere, using any device. Receive and action alerts immediately and monitor your fleet’s performance in real-time.

Modern business relies on companies being flexible and highly responsible. With Netstar’s leading fleet management software, you won’t miss a beat.

Developed by Australians for Australian conditions. Netstar fleet management solutions include reporting options for regulatory and taxation requirements, including Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) reporting and Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) reporting. Our precise calculations and GPS-driven data ensure complete accuracy with every claim.

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