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Three Ways Netstar’s Solution Helps You Protect Your Fleet

One of the significant benefits that a robust asset tracking solution has is enhanced security for your critical equipment assets. In addition, the real-time monitoring of your assets gives operators peace of mind as they go about their work. While also ensuring that, should something happen, you can quickly investigate and respond to the incident.

At Netstar, we understand that your fleet and assets are paramount to your business. Hence, providing security through fleet management is a crucial priority within our asset-tracking solution. Through it, our clients have been able to enhance the safety of their operations in several ways, including:

Immediately knowing when something unusual has happened

The ability to set up geofences for each piece of equipment allows the operators to know where every piece of equipment in the fleet is. If an asset moves from the area it’s meant to be in (as defined by the geofences), an alert is triggered for immediate response. This ensures the rapid recovery of assets and the minimum impact from an incident.

Asset tracking helps with theft recovery

With the asset management solution, operators can log and review location data for each asset. The operator can immediately check the location log if items are reported missing or lost. Thus, determining whether there was any unusual behaviour. As a result, our assets solution GPS location data has helped multiple customers recover their lost or stolen assets.

Keeping an eye on when the asset is in operation

It’s also possible to monitor when the asset is switched on or off. Through this, headquarters can monitor remote assets. Responding accordingly if they are switched on or moved (for example, towed) outside their hours of operation.

Netstar’s asset tracking system can monitor both powered and non-powered assets with battery-supported solutions that are highly secure and tamper-proof and rated for long hours of continual operation. Our systems are also designed to maintain signal strength in the most remote areas, giving you broad coverage and ensuring that it’s impossible to go “off the grid” with an asset.

We will work closely with you to help you build robust security into your fleet using our systems. With the ability to fully tailor and edit the nature of alerts and the boundaries of geofences and integrate the system with other third-party solutions, you will be able to continue to manage the system to meet your security needs.

Contact us today for more information on the security features of Netstar’s fleet management and asset tracking systems.