The benefits of partnering with Netstar for Australian added value

Netstar | Australian Fleet Telematics

Many solutions on the market offer asset management, vehicle tracking, and fleet telematics. However, not all solutions are equal. Having value-adding solutions designed and tested for the unique conditions in Australia with Australian support is critical. Netstar offers the best way to protect your fleet and drivers. Turning your regulatory and compliance requirements into an opportunity.  

The benefits of fleet telematics 

We take an innovative and value-focused approach to telematics. Our experience in the local environment means that our clients benefit from several critical value-adds, including: 

  • We understand the local conditions and environment: Australia is a challenging and harsh environment. It’s also a large nation of great distances. Therefore, wireless connectivity in regional areas can be patchy, and traffic conditions can significantly affect mobility.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment: A wide range of regulations affects fleet management. Netstar has local operations, and as a result, we actively collaborate with the regulators. Our solutions are not only going to help you meet your compliance obligations but, moreover, turn them into a competitive advantage. The data you’ll collect through the Netstar solution as part of your compliance obligations will allow you to run the most efficient fleet.
  • Local support: Having local Australian support is one of the main advantages of partnering with Netstar. We can immediately respond to issues and provide detailed support in real-time.

Most importantly, local companies understand the challenges that other local companies face. Small businesses, medium-sized operations and large enterprises in Australia have different business challenges, and their strategic priorities differ. Because we’re a local business, we similarly understand our customers’ challenges and tailor our service to meet your needs. Most importantly, unlike overseas companies, you’re not just a number on a spreadsheet when engaging with Netstar. 

What does it mean to buy quality telematics? 

Netstar has built a reputation for providing the Australian market with high-quality and reliable telematics solutions.

Our ability to deliver on this promise is due to our understanding of what motivates Australian businesses. Most fleet managers in Australia want to see beyond their assets and do the right thing for their people and customers. We want the same at Netstar, which is why we’ve built our solutions the way we have.  

There are significant competitive advantages to partnering with us. At Netstar, “made for Australian conditions” isn’t just a catchphrase. It’s core to our value proposition, and by partnering with Netstar, you will see an immediate improvement in your fleet management and your employees’ job satisfaction.  

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