Connect Infrastructure – A satisfied customer on the Netstar Fleet Pro system

Netstar Fleet Pro

Grant Richards has been Construction Manager for Sydney firm Connect Infrastructure for over thirteen years, leading operational managers and their construction teams to deliver more than 100 successful projects every year.

Even so, keeping track of the crew and equipment in the field has proved a significant challenge but minimised using Netstar’s Fleet Manager Pro telematics solution.

Connect Infrastructure was looking for a way to monitor its equipment and track fatigue management in the field when the firm found Netstar’s Fleet Manager Pro telematics solution.

“We were looking at a few models, and an ex-colleague put me on to it. We wanted it for fatigue management – but we also wanted a solution for monitoring our equipment and a hands-off way to watch over our guys while they are on a live site. It’s been a great tool,” said Grant.

Fatigue Management

“We wanted a solution for fatigue management – but we also wanted it to monitor equipment and watch over our guys on site.”

Managing worker fatigue in the field is a significant concern for operations managers in numerous industries – but Netstar’s Fleet Pro system offers an easy way to log start and finish times and compile comprehensive operations reports.

Construction means long working hours, with Grant recognising the challenges. “Keeping an eye on your staff, making sure everyone’s rested – it can be hard to keep a handle on.”

However, with Fleet Pro, planning what shifts have been worked by what teams and when they should stop have been more accessible.

“Using Fleet Manager Pro, we can look over fatigue reports on teams and run hazard reports with the project managers to check if a job can be completed safely or not. It also helps to know if we need to get workers to stay and have breaks near the site if the job is too big for one 12-hour shift.”

Tracking Equipment with Fleet Pro

Keeping track of work vehicles and equipment on site is more manageable with Fleet Manager Pro.

Grant and his team had no prior experience when looking for a telematics solution. However, they have not only been impressed with how much it has improved their operations but also with the Fleet Manager Pro system’s ability to monitor and log equipment data.

“Although we are normally stationary once on site, I still have teams that go all over the Sydney metro area and occasionally rural. It is a good tool for keeping an eye over everything, especially maintenance and service records,” said Grant.

Monitoring Workers On-Site

In construction, contacting your workers to check progress means costly downtime, primarily if they operate heavy equipment.

Netstar’s Telematics Solution helps track what workers are on-site, enabling managers to better plan rosters.

“When workers are live on-site, they can be hard to reach. However, with Fleet Manager Pro, we can keep an eye on our staff without having to ring them to see what’s going on.”

Netstar Australia prides itself on being a reliable telematics provider with over 20 years of experience. We offer solutions for consumers and businesses in all industries Australia-wide. With two established Fleet Tracking & Management products, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are getting accurate and reliable telematics data, helping to manage fleets and assets efficiently.

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