Using Telematics for Emergency Services

Emergency Services

At Netstar, we understand the importance of emergency services to the healthcare industry and the importance of robust fleet operations specifically designed to manage various equipment, assets, and vehicles.

The Netstar Emergency Services Industry Solution is a tailored solution designed to help fleet operators in the Emergency Services Industry. These assets are expensive and vulnerable to theft and unauthorised use. GPS Tracking ensures better and effective monitoring of fleet assets, from vehicle and equipment recovery to emergency duress, exception alerts, and maintenance schedules.

The Queensland Department of Health estimates 786.5K calls to 000 for the Queensland area alone (3.023M nationally) in 2016-2017.

Netstar Australia can help you keep up with the ongoing demands and challenges. Our Tailored Emergency Services Industry Solution ensures each of our clients has a tailored solution to perfectly fit their needs. This solution allows you to locate the vehicles in your fleet and receive real-time location data regarding vehicle location, travel history, vehicle speed, and stopping time. Your officers can also be equipped with an SOS Personal Tracker to identify their location in the field. The inclusion of an SOS duress button in your telematics solution can also improve officer safety.

The five benefits of the Tailored Emergency Services Solution?
  1. Improve Efficiency and Emergency Response Time
  2. Help Ensure Regular Maintenance Checks
  3. Reduce Fuel and Maintenance Costs
  4. Improve Driver Behaviour and Reduce Collisions
  5. Access to Reliable Accident Data
What is included in the Tailored Emergency Services Solution?
  • Accurate location of your appliances
  • Respond to emergencies more efficiently
  • Comply with legislative requirements
  • Warn of ‘Man Down’ situation
  • Enhance planning
  • Increase utilisation
  • Manage service & maintenance
  • Provide personal safety

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Netstar Australia prides itself on being a reliable telematics provider with over 20 years of experience offering solutions for consumers and industries Australia-wide. With two established products, our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they are getting accurate and reliable telematics data, helping to manage fleets and assets efficiently.