World Soil Day: Vickery Bros & Netstar helping Aussie Farmers

World Soil Day

Vickery Bros: The Fertiliser Professionals

In honour of the message of World Soil Day, we wanted to highlight one of our customers that help prevent soil erosion for local Australian Farmers. Vickery Bros is an independent fertiliser supplier to Western Victoria and South Australia farmers. They are a family-owned and operated business established in 1948 and a true cornerstone of their community.

“We aim to supply and apply the correct nutrients to farmers at the right time, resulting in healthier soils.

– David Vickery

Why is Soil Erosion a problem?

According to the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, soil erosion is one of the highest priority threats to agricultural soils worldwide and in Australia. To give you a better idea of the problem, here are some facts from the FAO:

  • It can take up to 1000 years to produce just 2-3 cm of soil
  • Every 5 seconds, the equivalent of 1 soccer pitch of ground erodes
  • Over 33% of the Earth’s soils degraded, and over 90% can become degraded by 2050

How is this impacting Australian Farmers?

Soil erosion occurs due to the removal of fertile topsoil. This happens through water, wind and farming methods such as tillage, which have adverse effects on the health of Australian farmlands, namely:

  • Drying of soil
  • Important nutrient loss
  • Decreased infiltration rate of water
  • Crop disease and more

What is being done to prevent this?

In Victoria, soil erosion declined between 1990-2010 because of the widespread adoption of soil conservation methods. South Australia’s soil protection increased between 2003-2013 due to the adoption of no-till practices. Vickery Bros is ahead of the curve on improving soil conditions in VIC & SA by moving on from prevention methods to increasing the health and fertility of the soil.

Vickery Bros have eight experienced agronomists committed to providing practical agronomic advice to assist Aussie farmers in their goal for maximum production with minimal impact on soil erosion. You can be sure that their agronomy advice is backed by science and results as they are proud members of the Australian Fertiliser Services Association and are Accu-Spread Accredited by Fertacare. Vickery Bros aims to aid all Australian farmers with sustainable and maximum potential farming solutions from their products, be it granular or liquid fertilisers, soil conditioners, concrete or sand.

What is Netstar’s impact on Vickery Bros?

Netstar provides GPS Telematics Solutions to Vickery Bros. This allows them to manage their fleet effectively and efficiently by providing them with real-time tracking of all their vehicles and assets. By enabling this, Vickery Bros can promptly allocate specialised vehicles and assets to the correct locations that require effective soil management. This results in increased productivity for farmers and a tailored customer experience.

“Netstar helps us run our fleet more efficiently, and because of that, our fertilisers increase productivity for farmers.

– David Vickery

With our ongoing partnership with Vickery Bros, we provide the following key benefits to support their daily fleet operations:

  • Fleet Tracking & Management

  • More Efficient Operation

  • Increased Productivity

  • Safer Fleet & Workforce

  • Fuel & Maintenance Savings

These savings are put back into the business to create higher quality fertilisers, better customer experiences and increase local farmers’ productivity, therefore helping to protect Australia’s agricultural community and prevent soil erosion.

Want more information about Vickery Bros, click HERE

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