Asset Tracking & IoT: The Big Picture

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Back in December, we published an article about the Role of Telematics in Fleet Management and the Benefits of IoT. We raised questions like; How can telematics help my business to increase efficiency and productivity? And Is there a way to enjoy the total visibility of my fleet and manage the way my drivers perform? But what about assets, how can IoT be beneficial to asset management, and your business? 

What is Asset Tracking with IoT? 

With IoT (Internet of Things) Asset tracking, you can ensure peace of mind over your assets. The reality is that theft does happen, whether it has happened to you or someone you know, we’ve all experienced it in some way. Think of this scenario: A tradesman with a Ute full of tools. 

There is a lot of investment sitting in the average Ute, often up to $30,000 in tools. How can you protect that investment? Asset tracking. Our IoT trackers are small and discreet. Meaning you can hide them in your toolbox, put it in the glove box and various other inconspicuous places. By tracking your assets, you receive reliable updates throughout the day. If a theft does occur, IoT asset trackers can be utilised to help in the recovery of the stolen asset or to signal an emergency. 

How can Netstar Australia help with your business?  

Netstar manufactures GPS tracking devices that use IoT technology to track vehicles and assets. Combining Telstra’s 4G network and GPS satellite tracking built into every tracker. Peace of mind is the result knowing you have the latest in technology to track your assets and download usable data into an easy to see system supplying pinpoint accuracy. 

Our tracking systems provide data such as geo-locations, date, time, and other events, where the data is processed, and bundled into a user-friendly software package. This information can be used in managing assets and producing reports providing total visibility.  

Introducing the O006-IoT & Y007-IoT trackers: 

Seeing the big picture is critical and the ability to view the status and whereabouts of each asset is essential. Netstar’s ASSET TRACKING solutions can track anything from trailers, caravans, shipping containers, skip bins, tools, and high-value equipment as well as vehicles. Supplying security and peace of mind to any business. 

These products are compact and low profile and feature IP67 water and dustproof rating. They have the benefit of being a “place ‘n trace” device, meaning no install is needed and are powered by either 3 x AA or 3 x AAA off the shelf batteries. Other features include:  

  • Recovery Mode for emergency situations or stolen assets. 
  • Runs on 4G Cat M1 Network 
  • Up to 14-week battery life on 1-hour returns or up to 1-year battery life on 4-hour returns 
  • Available in 2 sizes: 85mm x 63mm x 24mm or 138mm x 72mm x 30mm 

These devices are also robust and rugged providing UV stability and connection with the 4G IoT network with Australia-wide coverage. Optional extras include Movement mode reporting and After-Hours Mode reporting. 

Netstar Australia prides itself on being a reliable telematics provider with over 20 years’ experience offering solutions for consumers and business in all industries Australia wide. With two established products, Ezy2C and Pinpoint Communications, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are getting accurate and reliable telematics data, helping to efficiently manage fleets and assets. 




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