How Tracking Trucks With GPS Can Save You Time & Money

GPS tracking for truck fleets can significantly improve your business’s efficiency and productivity, saving time and money in the process. But how exactly does it work, and what are the key benefits that come with GPS tracking? In Verizon’s recent 2023 Fleet Technology Trends Report for Australia, it was found that 88% of fleet managers … Continued

What is Telematics?

In the world of Telematics, geofencing is a powerful tool that can be used to monitor the movement of vehicles in real time.

Netstar Australia’s Festive Season opening & trading hours

As we head into the festive season, we wanted to share some important closure and revised opening times during the holiday period. All the details are listed below. Please be assured we will have a team on hand to assist with all your enquiries. Public Holidays Closure: Netstar Australia will be closed on the following … Continued

A Guide to GPS Tracking Laws for Australian Businesses

Tracking your fleet is an excellent way to ensure their safety and improve productivity, but do you know whether your business is complying with GPS tracking laws in Australia? GPS tracking is one of the most impactful tools for fleet management for Australian businesses in 2023. According to the 2023 Fleet Technology Trends Report, an … Continued

3G Network Shutdown in Australia – What it Means for You

It’s truly the end of an era — after providing coverage for decades, Australia’s 3G networks are shutting down. The 3G coverage network was first rolled out in 2003, providing data and network speeds across Australia that were previously unheard of. But in 2023 and beyond, the majority of devices used by Australians (and globally) … Continued

Netstar – Empowering Truck Driver Safety

Truck driver safety is our number one priority.  It’s the reason we develop the technology – for driver safety and business efficiency. This article in Australasian Transport News gives the lowdown on how our technology is revolutionising truck driver safety.  Our simple driver interface makes compliance easy, helps minimise distractions on the road and provides drivers with … Continued

Netstar Remote and Lone Worker Solutions: Safety Solutions for Your Business

Businesses battling the dynamic challenges of lone and remote working can find much-needed respite in Netstar’s Lone and Remote Worker GPS Telematics Solutions. Not only do these solutions reduce risk and ensure the safety of employees, but they also provide employers with peace of mind.