3G Network Shutdown in Australia – What it Means for You

It’s truly the end of an era — after providing coverage for decades, Australia’s 3G networks are shutting down. The 3G coverage network was first rolled out in 2003, providing data and network speeds across Australia that were previously unheard of. But in 2023 and beyond, the majority of devices used by Australians (and globally) … Continued

Netstar – Empowering truck driver safety

Truck driver safety is our number one priority.  It’s the reason we develop the technology – for driver safety and business efficiency. This article in Australasian Transport News gives the lowdown on how our technology is revolutionising truck driver safety.  Our simple driver interface makes compliance easy, helps minimise distractions on the road and provides drivers with … Continued

Netstar Remote and Lone Worker Solutions: Safety Solutions for Your Business

Businesses battling the dynamic challenges of lone and remote working can find much-needed respite in Netstar’s Lone and Remote Worker GPS Telematics Solutions. Not only do these solutions reduce risk and ensure the safety of employees, but they also provide employers with peace of mind.

A Look into the Future of Fleet Management

As the world continues to ride the wave of the digital age, it’s no surprise that fleet management is shifting towards a more streamlined approach. As technology progresses, businesses can create more efficient and cost-effective fleet management software.

New Leadership at Netstar Australia to Drive Future Growth and Innovation

Netstar Australia, a leading Telematics solutions provider, today announced changes in its leadership. The company’s current Managing Director, Louw Venter, will be leaving the business, effective immediately. Michael Emanuel, the current Sales Director, will be stepping into the position of Managing Director, effective immediately.

10 Reasons why your business needs GPS Fleet Tracking

If you are running a business with a fleet of vehicles, you understand the importance of managing your vehicles effectively. The advent of GPS fleet tracking technology has revolutionized the way companies manage their fleets. Learn more.