Asset Tracking software is critical for any size of business

Asset tracking software

Asset management can be a formidable challenge for any business, especially when it involves keeping track of a vast number of items. For Queensland’s Creative Construction, this was no exception.

Creative Construction is a medium-sized construction company located in Toowong, Queensland. A critical asset to the company was its Can-am buggy, valued at $30,000 which was stored in a locked shipping container, at a secured construction site. Luckily for the Creative Construction team, the buggy was fitted with the Netstar TR114i Asset Tracking solution.

Perpetrators unlawfully gained entry to the Creative Construction site early one morning and removed the buggy loaded it onto a trailer and drove away with it all within five minutes of gaining entry to the site.

As soon as the buggy left the storage yard a geofence notification was received, notifying the customer that the buggy had left the yard. The customer was able to track the buggy’s movements using Netstar’s asset tracking software and kept the Queensland Police updated on its movements.

The Strength Of Asset Tracking Software

Creative Construction’s buggy was seized by police less than 24 hours after it was stolen.

The police were very thankful to be able to use the tracking device. This helped in the recovery, seizure, and assistance in being able to quickly source other evidence of the stolen buggy. Without the asset tracking software, the chance of recovery would have been less than five per cent.

Asset tracking software provides a host of benefits, including enhanced security, improved inventory management, and better operational efficiency. With real-time location tracking and geofencing capabilities, businesses can keep a watchful eye on their assets and monitor them remotely. The ability to track and recover stolen assets can save businesses significant amounts of time and money, as well as prevent potential legal and reputational issues.

The Netstar Difference

With the Netstar easy to use Asset Tracking Software, you can rest assured that your mobile assets are always in safe hands. We offer a variety of features so that you can tailor our service to accommodate your specific requirements.

Looking for a better way to manage your assets? Netstar’s comprehensive asset tracking system is the perfect solution for you. To learn more about our services and how we can help your business succeed, contact us today.