Netstar Australia: Fenner Conveyors Trusted Partner in Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Fleet management is a vital part of any business that relies on transport to move goods or people from one place to another. Not only does an effective fleet management system help business owners and fleet managers increase driver safety and decrease accidents and incidents, but it also improves overall efficiency. That’s why Fenner Conveyors chose Netstar Australia to provide their business with a comprehensive fleet management solution.

Our Customer: Fenner Conveyors

Fenner Conveyors is the only company in Australia that manufactures and supplies a complete conveyor system. Their products are used in various applications, including mining, agriculture, and industry. Given the nature of their business, Fenner Conveyors were searching for an effective fleet management system to ensure the safety of their drivers and the efficient transport of their products.

Netstar Australia is a leading provider of fleet monitoring solutions. Netstar systems supply real-time data about a vehicle’s location, speed, and performance. They also provide analytical tools to help businesses make informed decisions about their fleets. Netstar products are backed by experienced professionals committed to assisting businesses to succeed.

The long-term partnership between Netstar and Fenner Conveyors allows both companies to tap into each other’s strengths. For example, Fenner’s products are known for their quality and durability, while Netstar’s fleet management system is one of the most advanced in the industry. Plus, they are both proudly Australian.

Our Solution: Fleet Management

Fenner Conveyors Equipment and Logistics Coordinator Wayne Capewell said they chose Netstar as their fleet management partner because of Netstar’s reputation for quality products and services and the system’s efficiency.  

“The Netstar fleet solution was our first choice. It ensures critical information is conveyed in real-time, which helps keep our people and assets safe”, Mr Capewell said.

The Netstar Fleet Manager solution is now used on 220 Fenner Conveyors vehicles to provide real-time data on servicing and maintenance, vehicle and driver availability, GPS tracking and driver behaviour monitoring.

The comprehensive Netstar Fleet Manager system compiles all data in one central location for Fenner Conveyors. It leads to more accessible and informed decisions about utilising resources, increasing efficiency, and decreasing operating costs.

The fleet management system also helps mitigate risk. Giving Fenner Conveyors the information needed to make informed decisions about their fleet. Using the Netstar system, they can quickly track their vehicles and drivers to identify potential safety concerns, take action to prevent accidents before they happen, and find ways to improve efficiency. This is invaluable for an organisation with a profound duty of care for its employees.

Fenner Conveyors use Netstar’s scheduled reports to provide daily and weekly insights into drivers’ behaviour and how their vehicles are used. These automated reports are distributed amongst branch managers, who utilise the data to make better management decisions.

The Netstar Difference

Another reason Fenner Conveyors continue to choose Netstar Australia as their long-term fleet management provider is due to Netstar’s excellent customer service. Netstar account managers endeavour to resolve any potential query as quickly as possible. Fenner Conveyors Business Support Officer Crystal Abraham reiterates:

“We have a great Account Manager who is always there for us in our time of need”.

With the Netstar fleet management system in use, Fenner Conveyors have peace of mind. They know that their vehicles and drivers are continuously monitored.

If you want to increase safety, decrease risk, and improve the efficiency of your assets? Then it’s time to invest in a comprehensive fleet management system from Netstar. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business thrive.