Case Study: Camden Hire

Case Study Camden Hire

The Benefits Of GPS Tracking

Three years after installing Netstar’s GPS ASSET tracking on much of its equipment, Camden Hire experienced the benefit of GPS tracking first-hand when one of its bobcats was stolen from a worksite in the early hours of the morning in mid June.

After several hours and police involvement, the stolen bobcat was recovered along with two other pieces of stolen equipment, another bobcat, which was privately owned as well as a tilt tray truck stolen from Coates Hire.

According to Camden Hire General Manager, Mark Scarce, an SMS alert was sent immediately when the bobcat was moved without authorisation.

“Since that SMS was sent at 1 am, no one received that alert until morning. But as soon as we logged into our tracking system we could immediately see where all our equipment was located and we saw our stolen bobcat was on the move,” Mark said.

“We’d also unfortunately had an excavator stolen a few weeks prior to this theft but in that instance the GPS antenna had been disconnected by the thieves. However, this meant we were in contact with police and immediately informed those detectives of the current whereabouts of the stolen bobcat.”

“As a result, we were able to direct the police to our stolen bobcat which then led to the arrest of four suspects who were well known to police. It was pure coincidence our bobcat was loaded on the stolen tilt tray truck along with another stolen bobcat,” Mark said.

Peace Of Mind

“It provides peace of mind and operational security against theft”

Camden Hire has Netstar GPS tracking systems installed on all its earth-moving equipment and delivery vehicles.

“Netstar’s GPS asset tracking system has been beneficial in so many ways but it has certainly proved its worth today,” Mark said. ” It provides peace of mind and operational security against theft as well as management assistance for both equipment and staff, and it helps with maintenance organisation and during stand-downs.”

Asset Tracking

Seeing the ‘big picture is critical and the ability to view the status and whereabouts of each asset is essential. The Netstar Asset Tracking solution tracks bobcats, trailers, containers, skip bins, tools, and high-value equipment with 4G IoT network Australia-wide coverage and is simple to self install.

The device is compact, waterproof, rugged and UV stable. The GPS tracking device has a long battery life and can be mounted on assets that are exposed to rain, dust and marine conditions.

Asset Recovery

Thanks to Netstar’s Asset Tracking solution, Camden Hire was able to locate their bobcat quickly and inform the police on its whereabouts.

This helped the authorities not only to recover Camden Hire’s stolen bobcat but two other stolen vehicles and led to the arrest of four suspects.

Netstar Australia prides itself on being a reliable telematics provider with over 20 years of experience. We offer solutions for consumers and businesses in all industries Australia wide. With two established products for Fleet Tracking & Management, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are getting accurate and reliable telematics data, helping to manage fleets and assets efficiently.

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