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Netstar & SPS Case Study

As a business owner or operator, you know how important it is to keep track of all your assets—especially managing maintenance and servicing schedules and, as a result, providing the best service to meet your customers’ needs. Netstar Australia has created tailored GPS tracking and fleet management solutions for various industries. Including the ultimate tracking and management solution for the hire industry.

Our mission is to make life easier for our customers. Our integrated hardware and software solutions mean you can monitor each asset’s exact location, time, and distance travelled. For instance, you can also view routes taken, engine management data, and other inputs. Allowing you to optimise your operation and save time and money.

Our Customer: SPS

Netstar spoke with Jarryd King, the General Manager of Specialised Pavement Services, on how our solution has helped their business with fleet management and asset tracking.

Specialised Pavement Services Pty Ltd (SPS) began in 1996. Over the past two decades, this wholly owned Australian company has experienced double-digit growth. SPS has also increased its services to include both the Private and Public sectors.

SPS has also expanded with depot locations in QLD, NSW & VIC during this time. Consequently, they have also developed their fleet size to more than 100 truck-mounted sweepers, all with State of the Art equipment.

What differentiates SPS from its competition is that they are always learning. SPS invests in the latest technology; safety & quality are at the centre of everything they do, and they have a deep commitment and care for the environment. Therefore, they are continually selected as Australia’s leading supplier for Street Sweeper Hire Equipment.

Netstar has been working with SPS for many years. As a result, SPS has integrated a range of Netstar solutions, including Fleet Management and Fleet Camera Solutions.

Jarryd King said, “The level of detail and information we now have at our fingertips is incredible. Since installing Netstar into our fleet, the data analytics have helped improve our company’s operations and, as a result, saved our clients’ money. At the touch of a button, we can produce a report to notify councils on items they need to attend. For example, overhanging trees and parked cars”.

Our Solution: Fleet Management & Fleet Camera

SPS was previously with a different telematics company; however, it found the user interface limiting in the required analytics. SPS wanted a solution that provided more in-depth data analytics for them and their customers. In addition, they needed a solution to benefit their customers by utilising GPS telematics data and machine learning techniques.

“Netstar Australia’s GPS Telematics Solution allowed that to happen very well, said Jarryd.”

The Netstar business relationship with SPS started in January 2018. A critical decision by SPS to partner with Netstar was our local presence in Australia. Our Netstar Brisbane Team provides critical support to their sweeper fleet and indirectly to their Council customers.

SPS found our Netstar Fleet Pro (AVM) Solution to be the source of in-depth data analytics that they needed for fleet management and asset tracking.

“It’s easy to use and provides detailed information on fleet & operator performance. Which helps us make better decisions and optimise our resources. As a result, we have improved our customer service and overall productivity,” Jarryd said.

An example of this was the reporting on kilometres of sweeping done by an individual brush. This report gave a more straightforward view of the data and provided a summary with helpful information for their customers.

The Netstar Difference

The Netstar solution keeps evolving and adding new benefits that improve the insights for both SPS and their customers. With various types of reports that efficiently extract data and compile it into intuitive summaries. Consequently, SPS also can notify councils on items they need to urgently attend. With the Netstar solution, they can log all this info and report it back to their clients as a value-added service at no extra cost.

SPS also has the Netstar Fleet Camera solution where the linking of the live feed camera network, allows SPS to easily compile desktop audits on their work. This solution also helps train their staff and as a result, critically review incidents and accidents. The data analytics that the Netstar Solution provides has helped SPS launch their “Smart Sweep Program”. The program uses the data collected by the Netstar system installed in the SPS fleet to systematically categorise each street (or section of the street) as to the ideal frequency of sweeping required.

SPS has used the data from Netstar to assist local councils in optimising street sweeping schedules. This ensures that streets are swept at the right time and frequency, furthermore, reducing costs while maintaining cleanliness.

“The Netstar solution and the data analytics it provides, SPS can save our customers up to 30% on their sweeping program costs. Netstar offers an in-depth, user-friendly system we couldn’t be happier with,” Jarryd concluded.

If you’re looking for an innovative telematics solution that can help you improve safety, optimise operations, and reduce costs, contact Netstar today on 1300 728 882 or visit our website at www.netstaraustralia.com.au for all your fleet management and asset tracking needs