The Future Of Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management

Driving while fatigued or exhausted is dangerous and is one of the three giant killers on Australian Roads, hence the importance of fatigue management. Night shift drivers are 6x more likely to experience driver fatigue or a fatigue-related crash. An excellent example of this is long-distance truck drivers. However, technology is fast becoming available to assist truck drivers in achieving compliance and managing fatigue. This new technology, Electronic Work Diaries, can also assist transport operators in meeting the duty of care requirements.

Fatigue Management with EWD

Electronic Work Diaries are fast becoming a reality in Compliance Monitoring for heavy vehicles. As an overview of EWD, the functions and obligations will remain the same as the WWD. However, introducing the EWD will automate many of these day-to-day operations, making the process faster and more efficient.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has officially approved the Netstar EWD for use on Australian roads. It can be used in collaboration with the WWD or as a standalone program to measure fatigue in truck drivers.


The framework of the EWD policy intends to replicate the processes used in the Written Work Diary. Ensuring protections for the truck driver and transport operators. The three critical aspects of the WWD that the EWD intends to replicate are:

  • Drivers control their work and rest records entered into the EWD
  • Drivers can review and correct their information
  • Minor breaches of less than 15 minutes should not be sanctioned. Unless there is an immediate safety concern or a pattern of deliberate and repeated non-compliance

There are numerous benefits to using an EWD:

  • Alerts to approaching rest deadlines
  • Easier Scheduling for Transport Operators
  • Allows drivers to check the information before confirming the records for the day
  • Digitising the whole process for more accurate information and championing efficiency

Netstar has received approval for our EWD solution from the NHVR. Netstar’s EWD is specifically designed for the transport industry and is available on Garmin and Android Apps. In addition, the Netstar EWD helps with fatigue management. We are working with the NHVR to ensure our software is up to the highest compliance standards.

Netstar Australia prides itself on being a reliable telematics provider with over 20 years of experience. Offering solutions for consumers and industries Australia-wide. With two established products, Netstar Fleet Manager and Netstar Fleet Pro, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are getting accurate and reliable telematics data, helping to manage fleets and assets efficiently.

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