What can GPS Telematics do to help prevent theft?

GPS Telematics

The Agriculture Industry contributed more than $63 billion or 2.3% to Australia’s GDP in 2016-17. However, growth in this industry is slowing—the leading cause attributed to drought and equipment theft.

Budget Direct reveals that over 58,000 were stolen in Australia in 2019, up 9% from the previous year. A significant blow to farmers and managers in the agricultural sector. The costs associated with replacing this equipment and production downtime can be debilitating. So how can you keep track of farming equipment and prevent thievery?

There are several reasons for the thievery of farming equipment and vehicles:

  • For illegal resale;
  • Dismantling for parts;
  • Often the machinery taken isn’t used; it is just dumped or destroyed for the thrill.

Regardless of the reasons, it is costly for farmers and agriculture businesses. Addressing this problem is a must for those operating in the sector. This becomes easier when you consider the positive impact of a GPS telematics system.

What GPS can I use to monitor farming equipment?

Netstar has been a leader in the telematics space for nearly two decades. We are designing telematics monitoring equipment for use in monitoring rural plant equipment.

Farmers and operations managers often operate on vast swathes of land, so it is not always feasible to have equipment stored in a secure location or near a home depot. Coupled with the issue of other GPS systems being unable to function without network connectivity in remote areas, finding the location and status of an expensive piece of equipment can be challenging.

The Netstar system enables owners of farming machinery and vehicles to watch over their property through a web-based app 24×7 constantly. Benefits include:

  • Real-time information on hours of operation, readings, and fuel usage.
  • Security alerts in the event of equipment being moved or used outside of predefined hours of operation.
  • Netstar’s AVM system integrates with most internet devices and is operable over hundreds of kilometres, even in remote locations.

The system can be utilised to monitor the operations of machinery, to improve efficiency:

  • Scheduled service alerts based on engine hours, time or distance travelled means your equipment is always in working order.
  • Monitoring users means you can more easily offer equipment training and determine working rosters around equipment used in the field.

A GPS telematics system offers users peace of mind that their investment in costly machinery is protected. Improving security and the efficiency of your operations.

About Netstar

Netstar Australia prides itself on being a reliable telematics provider with over 20 years of experience offering solutions for consumers and businesses in all industries Australia-wide.

For more information about monitoring farming equipment to prevent rural theft, our friendly staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can call us on 1300 728 882 or email us at sales@netstaraus.com.au.