Telematics’ role in fleet management and the benefits of IoT


Telematics is not new but is now much more affordable than times past. That’s great news for customers that need to track their assets and vehicles, because it opens a whole new world of technology. Telematics solutions have been helping customers of all types to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve on driver safety and change attitudes of staff.

This raises questions; How can telematics help my business to increase efficiency and productivity? Is there a way to enjoy total visibility of my fleet and manage the way my drivers perform? The answer is yes and yes. Have you heard of the term “Internet of Things” or IoT? This is a buzzword that has been used more frequently in Australia lately.

So, what is loT?

Internet of things is the reality of today’s world, it’s the future of where mankind is heading and the desire to be connected. Simply put, it’s where all kinds of things can be connected to each other via the internet and other wireless technologies. These connections can be both physical and virtual, and work together primarily through wireless networks. The idea is to connect all things using technology from hardware, software applications, the Internet, and the cloud to name a few. This information can be manipulated and translated into valuable information that can be used for live monitoring and management of your fleet of vehicles and assets.

How can Netstar Australia help with your business?

Netstar manufacture GPS tracking devices that use IoT technology to track vehicles and assets, combining Telstra’s 4G network and GPS satellite tracking with Netstar engineering built into every tracker. Peace of mind is the result knowing you have the latest in technology to track your assets and download usable data into an easy to see system providing pinpoint accuracy.

Our tracking system provides data such as geo-locations, date, time and other events, where the data is processed, and bundled into a nice user-friendly software package, which is then transmitted wirelessly to our customers via the internet cloud. This information can be used in managing fleets and producing reports to provide total visibility of trips, services and to manage productivity and driver behavior.

Netstar Australia provide a variety of GPS tracking devices for all types of applications, including small IoT asset trackers, the size of your palm. These trackers can track movement and verify locations of trailers, shipping containers, and other portable non-powered devices. Your assets can be monitored and tracked from anywhere there is an available Telstra GSM connection. They are small, portable and battery powered, and will last from 1-4 years, depending on configuration.

What else could be tracked with IoT and how does it help with fleet management?

IoT GPS telematic solutions have a huge impact on businesses, with the ability to save businesses money, increase productivity, enhance the customer service experience and provide a safer work environment. Telematic solutions are able to do this by allowing businesses to have eyes on their fleet 24/7, meaning small to large fleets of vehicles can be constantly monitored and allocated in the most effective ways possible, creating more efficient workers, this in turn means more customers and increased customer satisfaction. Telematics systems also allow for driver identification, letting businesses know who is driving what vehicle, and ensuring you have accurate timesheets for your employees.

Netstar Australia prides itself on reliable and effective telematics solutions for consumers and businesses which has been proven to help in all industries throughout Australia. Netstar Australia provide two brands, Pinpoint Communication and Ezy2c, where customers are provided with reliable and accurate live telematic data and event tracking systems, helping to effectively manage fleets.

One customer enjoyed over $60,000 dollars in fuel savings in the first 12 months of installing our tracking system. Our GPS Telematics solutions are not only for commercial use. Our telematics solutions have many applications for consumers including theft prevention and protection of loved ones. Our consumer solutions will alert you in the instance of bad driver behaviour, Asset location information, be and we even offer duress systems that allow you to know when a loved one needs help.

If you want more information, our friendly staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have, you can call us on 1300 728 882 or email us at

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