How asset tracking software can help you run a better business

Asset Tracking

If your business includes a fleet of vehicles or equipment, you have a mission-critical set of assets to track, manage and maintain. You can minimise costs, maximise productivity, and run a better business by managing your assets well. This article will take you through the many benefits of asset tracking.

Another key benefit of investing in your asset management is that it helps you look after your people. For example, people operate your vehicles and equipment. While assets are replaceable, there is a moral, legal, and reputational imperative to ensure that the people behind those assets are safe while working. This is where the actual value of asset tracking software comes into play.

Asset tracking promotes best use practices.

A good asset tracking solution will help you monitor your people’s behaviour when operating a machine or vehicle. The safety analytics that Netstar provides will give you insights into your data and help provide a safer working environment.

For example, with vehicles, the data will tell you when a driver breaks too harshly when taking sharp turns and their acceleration rates. It will also tell you how aggressive they are in overtaking or moving between lanes. All of this is valuable feedback that your drivers need to know. Other assets will have their own “best practice” parameters for usage. A sound asset tracking system will be able to instantly flag when the equipment is used outside of that.

In addition to addressing the safe use of your assets, this system helps prolong the lifespan of your equipment. Improper asset use can result in more frequent maintenance or replacement. Netstar’s asset tracking solution helps monitor your assets for excessively hard use. As a result, our asset tracking solution can offer a significant ROI and reduce disruption from equipment maintenance.

It helps you monitor for exhaustion.

With any vehicle or equipment, there will be health & safety compliance requirements on how long it can be operated. As well as how frequently breaks should be observed. In addition to the legal requirement, this is good practice. As tired workers are more likely to risk serious injury or harm by misusing their assets.

Asset tracking automates the logging of this data, and because the data can’t be tampered with, there’s no risk that the data is compromised. Furthermore, a business can set up the Netstar system to send alerts and other messages based on the data that remind your employees of the need to take breaks and other compliance-related tasks.  

It helps you keep track of the asset fleet in remote areas.

Some of the most significant risks facing people using equipment come from when they need to venture into remote areas. Communication might be challenging, and responses may be too slow if something happens. Asset tracking solutions from Netstar use the highest quality GPS systems, with the most significant reach across Australia (and internationally), to provide remote workers with the peace of mind that they’re covered, no matter where they have found themselves working.

By protecting your team, you are running a better business. A sound asset tracking system, such as what Netstar provides, can help you to manage your employees, assist them in better working with your fleet or equipment, be safe at all times, and be covered no matter where they are located.

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