Come And Meet Us at MEGATRANS2022!

Electronic Work Diary

MEGATRANS is one of the premier events on the Australian calendar. An opportunity for the entire supply chain industry to come together and discuss the critical issues facing the sector. This year’s event – which runs from August 24-26 – promises to be massive, and we’re thrilled to say that we will be a part of it.

Netstar will be at booth 1017 in the exhibition hall, which will be the first time we’ve exhibited at the event. We’re looking forward to chatting with all the decision-makers, regulatory body representatives and business leaders that attend. We will bring live demos and other interactive technologies to give you a chance to experience what we can bring to your asset management strategies. In addition to the live demos, we will have plenty of information available, and our staff will always be on hand to answer any questions you have.

See our solutions in action:

For example, two of the solutions that you’ll be able to get hands-on within our booth are:

  • The Electronic Work Diary – This solution can significantly help fatigue management and compliance by keeping accurate driving logs in an easy format for all stakeholders to operate. We’ll be able to show you how it keeps a real-time view of your fleet and driver behaviours, actively works to minimise errors, and will help you maintain compliance, with full support from Netstar, as laws and regulations change.
  • Fleet Management Dash Cam – You’ll be able to get a hands-on experience with our powerful and robust dash cam solution. See what it’s like to get complete coverage and video feeds from every angle, get a feel for the cameras and how tamper-resistant they are, and look at our advanced, intelligent features like timely incident replay, mapping data, and G-force event auto-capture.

Checkout the MEGATRANS Event Program:

As for the conference itself, we look forward to many of the program items, as they will be very close to what we provide for our customers. We highly recommend attendees sit in on the keynote on transformational changes: the ideal supply chain (Wednesday 24th), the keynote on barriers to e-commerce (Thursday 25th), and, especially, the keynote and panel on safety in transport and safety innovations (Friday 26th).

So many conversations we have with our transportation customers are focused on how our services can help that industry by reducing running costs, improving delivery to their end customers, and increasing their business efficiency, compliance, fatigue management and safety. So many of the conference agenda items will address these challenges because they cut core to the current state of Australian transportation and logistics – and we have solutions for all of those challenges (and more).

MEGATRANS promises to be a who’s who melting pot for the industry and an excellent opportunity to see for yourself what Netstar solutions can deliver for your business. So don’t forget – drop in and say hi at booth 1017!