Improving Transport Safety on Australian Roads with Netstar

Improving Transport Safety on Australian Roads with Netstar

The 2022 Major Crash Investigation report released by the National Transport Insurance’s National Truck Accident Research Centre has revealed that human factors, such as fatigue, distractions, and incorrect equipment operation, are significant causes of nearly two out of three serious crashes.

With these statistics, it’s clear there is an urgent need to implement strategic interventions, such as integrated technology, to mitigate risk and promote safety on our roads.

Netstar is an industry leader in developing innovative and reliable vehicle tracking technologies to improve road safety. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to reduce vehicle accidents by facilitating better driving practices and provide real-time visibility into traffic conditions.

Reducing Risk with Netstar Technology

Netstar software and hardware solutions are designed to reduce the risk on our roads with features including driver behaviour reporting, speed and high-impact alerting, This complements existing vehicle technology such as collision detection systems that alert drivers when a crash is imminent. This technology detects potential risks and can even intervene when needed.

Tracking technologies provide proactive alerts for drivers, including speed limit notifications, driver fatigue warnings, and advanced analytics for fleet management. These invaluable features allow managers to monitor drivers closely and enforce safe practices that help save lives.

Tracking and geolocation options allow fleet managers to plan efficient routes, assisting drivers to reach their destinations faster, without speeding, by avoiding traffic congestion or hazardous road conditions. 

The Netstar range of Telematics solutions are designed to protect drivers on our roads 

Netstar uses Telematics data, to identify potentially dangerous situations such as sudden acceleration, hard braking, harsh cornering, and excessive idling. These data points help fleet managers identify unsafe driving patterns, allowing them to take corrective action and training.

Telematics technology is transforming the transport industry in Australia and around the world. Using Netstar’s transportation and logistics solution, businesses can gain insights into their vehicles’ performance and drivers’ behaviour in real-time—helping them make better decisions that improve safety on the roads for everyone.

Netstar’s comprehensive suite of Telematics and camera solutions are designed to create a safer environment on our roads.

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