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Let Netstar protect your valuable assets.

Protect your business with the most reliable fleet telemetrics solutions on the market.

We understand the importance of keeping your fleet safe. That’s why we offer a range of fleet telemetrics solutions to help.

Tracking. Scheduling. Security. Peace of mind. With Netstar, you can securely track the location of your fleet, communicate with your drivers and employees, and automate fleet maintenance.

Netstar’s fleet tracking and management solutions give you the technology to control your fleet and provide your employees with safety and security.

Better connected means better protected.

Whether you’re a fleet manager overseeing a rapidly moving fleet with high volume, or a lone ranger driving long haul trips, Netstar provides powerful insights to keep your business moving.

Netstar fleet telemetrics solutions provide peace of mind with cloud-based, real-time data analytics that helps track driving behaviour and vehicle location.

Our fleet telemetrics solutions are designed to make it easy to stay on top of your fleet. You can simply and securely monitor your entire fleet. Get an overview of your business by tracking your vehicles, drivers and assets, fuel usage and maintenance management reports.

We offer critical insights to assess risk levels — allowing you to act before a situation becomes dangerous or expensive.

Let Netstar track and monitor the safety of your fleet in real-time to keep you informed and compliant with rules, regulations and best practices.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your people. With Netstar’s fleet management solution, we offer a range of fleet safety features to give you peace of mind.

Our mission is to make managing your fleet simple. We provide tailored fleet telemetrics solutions because we know each customer’s needs are unique.

Whatever solution you need, let Netstar help. Improve the effectiveness of your business. Bring peace of mind and reduce costs by monitoring and controlling your fleet quickly and effectively. Talk to us today to find out more.

There when it matters.

Netstar is a leading fleet telemetrics supplier for commercial fleets across Australia. Our innovative technology helps businesses improve their bottom line. Reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime, maintenance expenses, fuel consumption and other factors that affect overall fleet performance.

Netstar provides ground-breaking technology that protects your fleet, business, and reputation. Our fleet telematics solutions provide access to actionable data to help fleet managers make the right decisions.


Are you worries about your fleet’s safety

Netstar increases fleet safety by deploying vehicle tracking, GPS locator systems, and remote worker solutions. Netstar offers fleet telemetry solutions that are effective and reliable.

  • Get peace of mind knowing your assets will always be in view.
  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Increase productivity through faster delivery time and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Map your vehicle’s position for improved customer service.
  • Improve driver safety.
  • Be alerted to issues immediately.
Are you worries about the high cost of fleet maintenance?

Netstar has the solution. Our innovative technology helps businesses reduce their overall fleet costs. We provide solutions for unplanned downtime, fuel consumption and more. You can trust us to help you improve your bottom line.

Improve your business efficiency with our high-quality, reliable technology. Netstar is a leading provider of telemetry solutions in Australia. We know we’re the best in the business but don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you save money on your fleet expenses.

fleet tracking

Fleet Tracking

Our GPS fleet tracking system helps you save fuel costs, reduce accident rates, and keep your vehicles in top condition.

gps tracking

GPS Tracking

Reduce fuel costs, increase driver accountability, and enable secure tracking of company assets.

Fleet Camera

Fleet Camera

With our fleet camera system, you can rest assured that your drivers are always safe and monitored while on the road.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking system ensures that your valuable equipment is always looked after.

Lone Worker

Lone and Remote Worker

Help keep your people safe by monitoring worker safety in isolated and remote locations.


Fleet Government Compliance

Help keep your people safe by monitoring worker safety in isolated and remote locations.

Electronic Work Diary

Electronic Work Diary

Netstar makes managing a fleet easy. Our electronic work diary keeps track of everything from driver hours to vehicle maintenance, so you have less paperwork to worry about.

Case Study

The Netstar Difference

Our solutions have helped countless businesses. Read more on their success stories

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Our solutions are designed, assembled and supported here in Australia – for Australian conditions.

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