HOW TO: Maximising your Fleet Management System

Set up a training session to maximise your fleet management You can follow this link to our support page to book now. Our dedicated training coordinator is ready to answer any of your customer support queries or concerns. They are always happy to help with all your fleet management and tracking queries. Familiarise yourself with … Continued

Optimising Your Telematics System

Australia is making its way forward after the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy. Now is the perfect time to optimise your fleet management and telematics systems. One of the first things you can do is update your skills with an online learning course. Often, we find customers setting up their telematics system with just … Continued

Encouraging Safer Driver Behaviour: Why Speed Matters

WHY SPEED MATTERS Encouraging safer driver behaviour is incredibly important for your staff and everyone else on the road. If you’re driving too fast for the weather or the road & traffic conditions, even if it’s below the posted limit, it can be considered speeding. Travelling at increased speeds intensifies your risk of losing control … Continued