HOW TO: Maximising your Fleet Management System

Set up a training session to maximise your fleet management You can follow this link to our support page to book now. Our dedicated training coordinator is ready to answer any of your customer support queries or concerns. They are always happy to help with all your fleet management and tracking queries. Familiarise yourself with … Continued

What can GPS Telematics do to help prevent theft?

The Agriculture Industry contributed more than $63 billion or 2.3% to Australia’s GDP in 2016-17. However, growth in this industry is slowing—the leading cause attributed to drought and equipment theft. Budget Direct reveals that over 58,000 were stolen in Australia in 2019, up 9% from the previous year. A significant blow to farmers and managers … Continued

Ten Mental Health Tips for the Transport Industry

COVID-19 has increased business for the transport industry. With more businesses shipping products directly to customers and increased demand for certain products;  Remember when it was hard to get toilet paper? Increased business activity means more time on the road for drivers. Over 46% of workers in the transport industry experience a mental health condition, … Continued

Why we’re coming back to the office

Now that COVID-19 is winding down, Netstar Australia has begun to return to the office. We saw many businesses decide that the best way forward was to permanently close their office locations and have staff work from home. However, at Netstar, we firmly believe in having an office available to our staff members. We are … Continued

Asset Tracking & IoT: The Big Picture

With IoT Asset tracking you can ensure peace of mind over your assets. The reality is that theft does happen, whether it’s happened to you or someone you know, we’ve all experienced it in some way. Think of this scenario: A tradesman with a ute full of tools.