Case Study: Camden Hire

The Benefits Of GPS Tracking Three years after installing Netstar’s GPS ASSET tracking on much of its equipment, Camden Hire experienced the benefit of GPS tracking first-hand when one of its bobcats was stolen from a worksite in the early hours of the morning in mid June. After several hours and police involvement, the stolen … Continued

Case Study: VicForests

VicForests says safety first when it comes to remote workers. VicForests have utilised Netstar’s Remote/lone worker solution in their fleet of vehicles; a move management says is a “small investment”  to safeguard their mobile workforce. VicForests invested in the safety of their remote workforce by installing the latest in online GPS tracking technology in their … Continued

Case Study: Randwick City Council

The Challenge The Netstar solution for Local Government was employed at Randwick City Council to help integrate a GPS solution with their existing enterprise technologies. Randwick City Council needed real-time monitoring of their fleet of garbage trucks and drivers. Part of the challenge was to create a tailored solution to assist with their daily management … Continued

Case Study: Connect Infrastructure

A satisfied customer on the Netstar Fleet Pro system. Grant Richards has been Construction Manager for Sydney firm Connect Infrastructure for over thirteen years, leading operational managers and their construction teams to deliver more than 100 successful projects every year. Even so, keeping track of all of the crew and equipment in the field has … Continued