Asset Tracking software is critical for any size of business

Asset management can be a formidable challenge for any business, especially when it involves keeping track of a vast number of items. For Queensland’s Creative Construction, this was no exception. Creative Construction is a medium-sized construction company located in Toowong, Queensland. A critical asset to the company was its Can-am buggy, valued at $30,000 which … Continued

Netstar Australia: Fenner Conveyors Trusted Partner in Fleet Management

Fleet management is a vital part of any business that relies on transport to move goods or people from one place to another. Not only does an effective fleet management system help business owners and fleet managers increase driver safety and decrease accidents and incidents, but it also improves overall efficiency. That’s why Fenner Conveyors … Continued

Specialised Pavement Services – Fleet Management Solutions

As a business owner or operator, you know how important it is to keep track of all your assets—especially managing maintenance and servicing schedules and, as a result, providing the best service to meet your customers’ needs. Netstar Australia has created tailored GPS tracking and fleet management solutions for various industries. Including the ultimate tracking … Continued

Camden Hire – The Benefits Of GPS Tracking

Three years after installing Netstar, Camden Hire experienced the first-hand benefit of GPS tracking. When one of its bobcats was stolen from a worksite in the early morning hours in mid-June. After several hours and police involvement, the stolen bobcat was recovered. Along with two other pieces of stolen equipment. Another bobcat and a tilt … Continued

VicForests says safety first when it comes to remote workers

VicForests have utilised Netstar’s Remote/lone worker safety solution in their fleet of vehicles. Management says it is a “small investment” to safeguard their mobile workforce. VicForests invested in the safety of their remote workforce. Installing the latest in online GPS tracking technology in their fleet of 73 vehicles. The organisation chose Netstar’s GPS tracking system … Continued

Connect Infrastructure – A satisfied customer on the Netstar Fleet Pro system

Grant Richards has been Construction Manager for Sydney firm Connect Infrastructure for over thirteen years, leading operational managers and their construction teams to deliver more than 100 successful projects every year. Even so, keeping track of the crew and equipment in the field has proved a significant challenge but minimised using Netstar’s Fleet Manager Pro … Continued